3 Points Accounting’s services encompass tax planning and filings for individuals and businesses.


For example, throughout the year, business owners should be mindful of the linkage between the company’s financial performance and their personal tax liability. Even simple forms are not so simple and subject to interpretation. Deadlines can sneak up while you’re focused on growing your business and living your life. When 3 Points Accounting prepares your tax returns, you can be confident they are correct and you have not overpaid.


Few individuals or small businesses know the ins and outs of tax planning—the legal ways to reduce tax liability. We closely monitor changes in the laws and regulations so we can advise you about ways to minimize personal and business taxes.


Business Taxes


You run a company. You have goods to produce, services to provide and daily challenges to address. Do you really have time to worry about things such as what tax filings are required and when the tax returns and payments are due?


These details are important, so let 3 Points Accounting take care of them. Our firm will keep you in compliance and also take the time to evaluate your evolving organization, suggest ways to structure your company and provide advice about significant transactions.





Dealing with personal taxes should not be a once a year project. For example, throughout the year, business owners should be mindful of the linkage between the company’s financial performance and their personal tax liability.


3 Points Accounting will advise you about tax strategies that minimize your personal tax liability. Then we’ll carefully complete your tax return and all schedules and file them electronically.


Exempt Organizations


Compliance and reporting issues facing nonprofit organizations continue to increase. The federal government, states and other agencies are increasing their scrutiny and oversight.

501(c) organizations such as associations, foundations, public charities and schools must be represented by professionals with extensive experience in nonprofit tax and governance matters.


3 Points Accounting will take care of the unique filing requirements of your nonprofit organization and provide guidance and planning ideas to maintain your tax-exempt status, minimize taxes on unrelated business income and help you comply with federal and state laws and regulations.


Our firm provides a variety of specialized services to nonprofit organizations, including planning and consulting, preparation of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T, Application for Recognition of Exemption, Form 1023, state charitable registrations and annual filings and review of agreements and contracts.


Payroll Taxes


Like clockwork, payroll comes weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. The IRS and state treasuries expect prompt remittances and filings and you don’t want to get a late notice from these agencies. 3 Points Accounting will prepare and submit your federal and state payroll filings and all required quarterly and year end reports.


Sales Taxes


State and local sales tax laws, exemptions and definitions are complicated. As with all the tax services offered by 3 Points Accounting, our support in this area encompasses both helping you stay in compliance and also handling all the details involved in filing your sales tax returns and monitoring your account, including refund claims and appeals.








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