The principals at 3 Points Accounting have served clients in a number of industries and we specialize in the following:


Family-owned businesses


In spite of the name and reputation, family owned businesses are not necessarily simple, straightforward entities.  They come in all sizes. Often the challenge is that since they have fewer stakeholders and points of external oversight, they may not put the right emphasis on tracking the financial details that lead to the bottom line.


3 Points Accounting works with family-owned businesses to implement an accounting and financial reporting system that keeps the leadership team focused on the business. We provide services that can benefit every member of your family and your business including:


• Business succession planning


• Corporate finance


• Governance


• Conflict resolution


• Compensation


• Strategic business and tax planning


Not-for-Profit organizations


Mike Fahndrich has spent many years providing consulting services and financial statement audits to non-profit organizations. 3 Points Accounting has unique insights into how these organizations work, the specialized financial reporting required and best practices when it comes to effective governance and internal controls.




Accounting in the construction industry is unique. It is typically project-based and financial reporting is often based on estimates. Cash flow is always critical given tight margins and extended project time-lines.


As a Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP), Mike Fahndrich at 3 Points Accounting has years of experience in providing outsourced accounting and advisory services to construction companies large and small. Over that time, he has built a strong track record as a trusted advisor to businesses in this challenging industry.




Trucking is another industry subject to small margins. Additionally, a trucking company’s operations and profitability is subject to many factors outside of its control—including fuel prices and regional weather. We have hands-on experience supporting small and mid-sized trucking companies and advising them not only on tax and accounting matters, but on management and the fiscal benchmark standards unique to this industry.


Real Estate


In addition to traditional accounting, financial reporting, and bookkeeping services, 3 Points Accounting draws on years of experience to work with developers and deliver the tax advisory and transactional services required in the real estate industry.


CPA Firms


3 Points Accounting can review a CPA firm’s attest practice and provide feedback on efficiency and quality control. While engaged in the field of public accounting, Mike Fahndrich was responsible for the attest practice, including audit quality and efficiency, so he has a critical understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this area.







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